Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

Valentine's Day Date Ideas {}

It seems like we were just celebrating the new year and Valentine’s Day is already this weekend! I have always loved V-Day; from passing around cards and candy to classmates, to spending the day with my boyfriend. Celebrating love with friends, family and significant others is a wonderful thing.

As I mentioned in my last post, John will be working during the day on Sunday, but I am excited to spend the evening with him. We usually keep it pretty casual on Valentine’s Day and stay in with a movie and pizza.

The thought of facing large lines and crowded restaurants on a romance focused day can be a bit daunting. That’s why I compiled of list of fun and romantic things you can do with your sweetie this V-Day!

Valentine's Day Date Ideas {}

– Cook a romantic meal together at home

– Get a couples massage

– Watch a marathon of romantic comedies

– If it’s warm where you live, go hiking and have a picnic

– Recreate your favorite date

– Play a bunch of board games like twister, monopoly and truth or dare

– Go bowling or mini golfing


How will you be celebrating love day?

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  • Coco La vie en rose

    I love all the sparkle Amber! Hope you enjoy your Valentine’s Day! Following you via Bloglovin now :-) big hugs Coco

    • I am loving all of the sparkle too! :) I hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day as well, and thanks for the follow!

  • I love this! I wish I would’ve seen this before V-Day!!! I think Escape Rooms would be a fun thing to do. In Atlanta where I’m residing now, they have quite a bit of them.